Woman Opening White Curtains on a summer's day

How to Keep Your House Warmer With Curtains

The weather is getting colder, so it’s essential that we do what we can to keep our homes well heated. People often focus on their heating system, but there are other ways that are less expensive and more environmentally efficient – curtains being a great example.


Invest in Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are a great way to keep a room warm. They prevent cold air from finding its way into a room thanks to the type of lining they are made with. Blackout curtains keep light out too, but this doesn’t mean your room will get cold because the thickness of the material will make up for it. Blackout curtains can be bought in a large range of design choices, so don’t worry about any lack of choice.


Thicker Material

This leads us to our next point; curtains come in all sorts of thickness. You can upgrade your summer selection to autumn or winter with a thick and cosy lined set of curtains instead of your lightweight ones. It can make a big difference to the heat that is contained in a room.


Warmer Colours

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of colour when it comes to the warmth of curtains. Choose a dark colour such as a darker blue or even black. These kinds of shades can help a room feel cosy, but you don’t just have to opt for a dark shade; some colours can still provide warmth such as a nice red or orange shade. 


Thermal Curtains 

Thermal curtains are always an excellent choice. They will provide insulation for whatever room the curtains are placed in. These curtains are made with 3 layers, firstly, a decorative layer (the side that faces you), a foam core, which is a high-density foam inside the curtain’s fabric that blocks heat transfer out of the room and can absorb sound waves. There is also a vapour barrier, which is a non-breathable material that prevents the foam from absorbing moisture from any condensation. Thermal curtains create a pocket of air between the curtain and window, which serves the purpose of preventing warmth from the room seeping out of the window. Some thermal curtains can include closures such as velcro strips that let you seal them to the walls, increasing efficiency even further.


Ready-Made Curtains 

Another great option is to use a ready-made curtain service. You will likely know these as made-to-measure, and it allows for you to have curtains made to your exact specifications.  Not only does this guarantee the exact sizes, you can also have curtains created with whichever material you want. You can choose a lovely warm colour for the design and thick material with the lining of your choice – blackout or otherwise. 


Hopefully, you now have enough inspiration to up the warmth of your rooms throughout your household. Remember, if you can’t find the ideal pair of curtains pre-packed, consider a made-to-measure service.


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