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MDF Shutters in Bedford, Milton Keynes & Luton

MDF Shutter

Our MDF shutters look exactly like the real thing but are not made from real hardwood, making it the most affordable for those on a budget.


Our most popular material is Antigua, typically made from MDF and then wrapped in a white extruded polypropylene coating. This coating gives it strength and is also hardwearing to allow the shutter to be extremely long-lasting. This material is mostly recommended towards small and medium-sized windows.

Bermuda is made from ABS plastic, meaning not only is it durable and also lightweight. In addition to this, shutters made from Bermuda are waterproof, making this material perfect to use for rooms with lots of moisture such as bathrooms.



-Painted and stained finishes available
-Variety of styles and shapes
-Choice of 32mm, 48mm, 64mm or 89mm slats

Additional Options:

-Hidden tilt rods
-French door cut outs

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