Kitchen Shutters

Are Shutters Suitable for Kitchens?

Knowing what to put on your kitchen windows can be difficult depending on the layout of your room. Most kitchen windows are above sinks or in hard-to-reach areas, making the decision between curtains, blinds, or shutters difficult to make.

If you’re unsure how to best dress your kitchen window, worry no more. In this blog, we’re going to detail everything you need to know about why shutters are ideal for kitchens and explain more about the different types of shutters for you to consider.

Which Shutter is Best Suited for a Kitchen?

There are lots of different types of shutters at the Concorde Blinds for you to choose from, each one hand crafted to perfection. We specialise in creating bespoke blinds and shutters for our clients, ensuring the optimal fit every time. Our attention to detail and range of high-quality materials make our blinds and shutters a great option for the kitchen, but why are shutters the best solution?

Kitchens can have lots of cooking smells and moisture in them, these can easily seep into the fabric of curtains and blinds, making them harder to clean. Shutters are made of either wood or plastic, making them a wipe-clean option which is perfect for greasy kitchens. Our ABS Plastic range of shutters is waterproof and the ideal solution for Kitchen and Bathroom windows.

On the other hand, blinds can be motorised and easily opened to let fresh air and bright light in, keeping your kitchen fresh and airy. Motorised blinds are ideal for hard to reach areas.

What are Café-Style Shutters?

Café style shutters are a popular option for those with slightly larger kitchen windows. They are half-height which only cover the bottom portion of the window. They have slats which are easy to clean and are a good option if you want to retain light but want a bit of privacy or to dress the bottom of your window.

They give a chic and classic look and can compliment almost any style kitchen, be it contemporary or more traditional.

What are Tracked Shutters?

We are a leading supplier of tracked shutters in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. Tracked shutters are another great option for kitchen doors. Tracked shutters are hung from the top of the window and have an aluminium bottom track to guide the shutter open and closed.

The shutters effortlessly glide along the bottom track to open up the window, offering you maximum privacy but openness at the same time should you want it. They are mostly made from ABS plastic which means they’re perfect for the high humidity of the kitchen, and they can easily be cleaned.

Choosing a Shutter

If you’re based in Milton Keynes or any of the surrounding areas and want to find out more about Concorde Blinds and the types of shutters we make that work well in kitchens, please get in touch with us today.