Shutter Materials

When it comes to choosing your dream shutters one of the most important factors is the shutter material. There are multiple options to suit every taste, application and budget.

Our shutters are renowned for their versatility and finish quality, all bespoke to ensure they fit your space perfectly. Details of each material available is shown below, if you have any queries about any of these please contact us to arrange a free consultation so we can discuss the perfect configuration for your home.

Antigua – MDF

This is our entry-level product manufactured in MDF coated in an extruded polypropylene coating, offering exactly the same levels of quality but with reduced colour options and installation capabilities. Antigua is only available in 5 white painted colours and is not suitable for special shaped shutters or larger unsupported window installations.

Antigua shutters
Bermuda shutters

Bermuda – MDF & ABS

Bermuda shutters are available in wide range of louvre sizes to suit your requirements and personal preference. Due to the louvres being manufactured from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), the panel weight of the shutter is reduced which means single panels can be much wider than our entry-level shutters. As this high quality plastic is more cost efficient than real hardwood, it allows us to provide customers with high quality shutter for less than our entry-level hardwood Cuba Shutters. The finish of our Bermuda shutters is high and most people can’t tell the louvres are plastic.

Another added extra of the Bermuda range is that it is available in 28 stylish colour choices. The mixture of MDF and ABS is extremely hard wearing, so if you expect the shutters to take a few knocks and bumps, then this could be the range for you.

Cuba – MDF & Hardwood

Cuba shutters are available in 6 popular colours and a wide range of louvre sizes, but the biggest benefit over our Antigua shutters and Bermuda shutters is the fact you can hinge 4 panels together to provide a shutter solution ideal for large windows and expanses with the hardwood panels keeping the weight of shutters down to help prevent bowing and warping.

Cuba shutters
Java shutters

Java – ABS

Our Java shutters are tough and durable manufactured in ABS making it particularly suitable for high traffic flow areas and because it’s our only 100% water resistant material, bathrooms and toilets. ABS can be wiped clean easily and is often used in children’s rooms where high levels of cleanliness are required.

Available in 6 popular shades of white, the Java range is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and wet rooms.

Fiji – Paulownia Hardwood

Fiji is our beautiful and stable timber manufactured range utilising the same high quality standards as all of S:CRAFT’s substrates. The painted range is manufactured from high quality hardwoods while the stained range is manufactured in paulownia which has a beautiful wood grain. Paulownia is a plantation wood and grows to full maturity in 7-10 years making it very sustainable. It re-grows from the original root ball and is therefore harvested rather than re-planted.

Available in 28 paint colours as well as 28 stain colours you can also add a custom colour paint option to have the shutters tie in exactly with your décor.

Our biggest range of slat sizes including 7 sizes ranging from 32mm to 114mm.

Fiji shutters
Samoa Shutters

Samoa – Ayous (Painted) or White Teak (Stained Finish)

This top of the range product is crafted from the highest quality Ayous or White teak depending on the colour and finish you prefer. If you are looking for the best product on the market then look no further, Samoa has you covered.

This is the newest product in the range and features thick robust frames to accommodate an optional hidden hinge which is revolutionary to the shutter industry. The louvres and frames are proportionately designed to accommodate the thicker frames producing a bold yet elegant shutter.

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