Rooflight Blinds

With the stunning trend of lantern roofs being installed to provide natural light into a room, especially in new extensions, we have found that although the light coming into the room is the initial attraction, there is also a need to reduce heat and glare at particular times as well as retaining heat in the colder months.

Whether it is a Fixed, Lantern, Pyramid or Hinged rooflight, Concorde Blinds specialist solutions can provide a discreet yet effective solution to controlling the amount of light and heat that the rooflight creates.

Motorised Pleated, Duette or Roller blinds are the perfect option and can be tensioned to maintain the horizontal position required. When installed they are discreet enough to look like they are an integral part of the window structure, but at the touch of a button they provide a versatile solution to light control. The motorised function allows you to open or close the blind with ease and stop the blind in the perfect position. 

Power can either be provided by a socket or fused spur from the building’s mains power, or we can provide a battery powered solution with Solar panel to provide constant power and remove the need for recharging the battery. 

Lantern Pleated Rooflight Blinds

Manually operated Rooflight Lantern Blinds are also available with crank operated blinds being the easiest to operate and with the detachable crank handle they are extremely discreet too. 

Rooflight Lantern Blinds are often required to be more functional than decorative. The most popular colour tends to be white so that it blends with the ceiling colour however as with all our blind types, there is a large range of colours available. 

Features Of Rooflight Blinds:

  • Motorised or manually operated, the design is manufactured for ease of use.
  • 4 sided frames available to create a ‘shelf’ for the blind to sit in, maintaining the discreet appearance of the blind.
  • Discreet tension cables maintain the horizontal direction of the blind.
  • Motors can be mains powered or battery powered – size limitations apply.

Additional Options:

  • Home automation is available for motorised blinds with the addition of a home hub.
  • Link motorised Rooflight blind to other motorised blind remotes in your home.
  • Duette fabrics increase thermal efficiency.
rooflight blind
rooflight blinds
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