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  • White Blinds

    Blinds vs Shutters

    Blinds, shutters, curtains… There are so many ways to dress your windows… which is the best? It is a difficult job to know which window covering you should choose and what will be best suited to your home. If the main decision for you is between shutter or blinds, we can help you! The team…

  • Automatic Blinds

    Benefits of Motorised Blinds

    When remodelling or building a home it is important for anyone to consider energy-efficient motorised blinds. Energy-saving motorised blinds have a direct impact on the overall energy utilised in your home and remain comfortable throughout the whole season. Heat loss and solar gain control are being made possible by closing and opening at certain pre-programmed…

  • Image for Concorde Blinds curtains post

    What Are The Different Types of Curtains?

    Have you ever wondered what are the different types of curtains headings are available for your home interior design project? Or are you finding it difficult to choose the right types of curtains to style your window?

  • Sample Wall Colour

    How Interior Colours Affect Your Mood

    The world wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the rainbow of colours that illustrates our environment. For example, nothing grabs our attention more like a bright red stop sign. You can also think about how delicious an orange looks when it lives up to its name as it ripens on a tree. In addition, the sun’s glowing yellow tone allows our days to become just that much more enjoyable.

  • Wooden blinds with curtains

    Blinds vs Curtains | Which are best for your home?

    Curtains or Blinds? That’s the question. Here at Concorde Blinds, we understand that it can be a daunting decision and one that could take you months.

  • Patterned curtains

    Getting started | Interior design tips for first-time buyers

    When you are about to purchase your first home, you might be already thinking about how you would like to decorate it and where you would place certain things.

  • Brown venetian blinds

    Top Blinds for Your Conservatory

    A conservatory, a loved room all year round, bringing joy and comfort to any home.

  • Roman blinds

    Top 5 advantages of blackout blinds and curtains

    The use of window curtains and blackout blinds are to help with keeping the daylight from penetrating our bedroom windows, especially in the summertime when there is more daylight time.

  • Patio door curtains

    Everything you need to know about made to measure curtains

    Choosing the right curtains could be a daunting and time-consuming task, particularly for customers that are first-time buyers and unfamiliar with the process.

  • Man fitting a curtain pole

    How to fit curtain poles

    Fitting curtain poles is a common DIY project that many homeowners attempt at some point in their lives.