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  • Roller blinds

    How to clean roller blinds

    Roller blinds are elegant and simple coverings for windows that can be used with any kind of décor.

  • Office blinds

    How Blinds Can Improve Productivity in the Workplace

    The ability of employees to focus on their tasks equates to high productivity levels in the workplace.

  • Luxaflex Duette blinds

    How Duette Blinds Are Astonishingly Energy-Saving

    Keeping your home cool during summer and warm during winter is important. The challenge is finding a solution that will give you significant energy savings on a monthly basis.

  • Cleaning blinds

    How to clean mould off vertical blinds

    Vertical blinds are a great option for window treatment. They’re able to provide you with privacy whenever you need it. You can also use it to control the amount of light from the sun that gets into your room.

  • Maid with curtains

    Cleaning Curtains: The Full Guide

    Due to the makeup of curtains and the extended periods of time they spend folded into pleats, mould, pet hair and dust gather on them. As such, they work against your efforts to keep your home clean and healthy as they stir up this dirt every time they move.

  • Honeycomb blinds

    The Best Blinds for Bedroom Windows

    Bedrooms today serve more than just a place to sleep. There are many purposes to them, including media rooms and yoga studios. Therefore, you need versatile window treatments to match your room’s flexibility.

  • Smart Home phone app

    Domotics Application On A Smart Home

    Domotics, also known as home automation, involves creating a system which automatically operates motorized controlled movements or services of different sections of your house.

  • Patterned material

    Curtains or Blinds? Which is better?

    When it comes to choosing between curtains and blinds for your home, there are a good few pros and cons for each, but generally, curtains offer more luxury while blinds are usually more practical.

  • Cleaning blinds

    How to Clean Shutters

    One of the benefits of having shutters in a home is the brightness it brings to the home especially in the downstairs and kitchen areas when open.

  • Blackout roller blind

    How do Roller Blinds Work?

    Roller blinds are the forthcoming drapery drift in workplaces, lavatories, homes, and stores. These blinds are regularly comprised of various vertical and level braces.