Bi-Fold Door Blinds

Your beautiful new Bi-fold, French or Sliding doors are perfect to open and let the outside in, the only thing that could improve the area is a versatile solution to control the light when the sun is blazing in, or at night time to provide some privacy when the lights are on to remove the feeling of being exposed.

We have multiple solutions perfect for Bi-Fold doors, including Intu and Perfect Fit that fix directly to the doors, motorised Roller or Duette Blinds in front of the doors, or a more traditional Vertical or Allusion Blind. The key to ensuring the perfect product for your Bi-Fold doors is to consider all options and speak to our expert staff who can help you to make the correct decision. 

There are plenty of things to consider when selecting a covering for your Bi-Fold Door Blinds. Intu, Perfect Fit, Vertical Blinds and Shutters are ideal when light control and flexibility are the key requirements. Whereas Roller or Duette Blinds are brilliant options if you want something discreet that can tuck away into the door reveal when the blind is not in use but there is an option to lower at night to soften the glazing and improve the feeling of security.

Blinds for bi-fold doors

Bi-Fold Door Blind Options:

  • Lots of options including blind type, colours, operations and more. 
  • Intu Micro is the perfect solution to fix directly to each door panel, with a low-profile mechanism does not affect the door opening and seamlessly becomes a part of the door system. 
  • Perfect Fit comes in either Duette or Venetian blinds for Bi-Fold Doors, fixing to the door bead you have a blind per panel offering ultimate flexibility. 
  • Free hanging Roller or Duette Blinds are a perfect solution to reduce the number of blinds by using 1 blind to cover 2 or 3 door panels. For the ultimate in luxury, choose motorisation and link to your smart home. 
  • Vertical or Allusion blinds are ideal for large door areas. Especially for sliding doors, the Vertical hanging slats on these blind types can be tilted to control light. Using only 1 blind to cover the whole area, is often the most cost-effective solution. 
  • Solutions to protect Bi-Fold Door
  • White or Anthracite hardware to match your bi-fold doors.
  • No need to drill or screw to install, a simple bead fit bracket provides the perfect fixing which does not affect the Bi-Fold Door warranty.

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Contact us today for more information and to speak to one of our friendly team. Head over to our contact page or call us on 01234 841535. If you have approximate measurements, we can provide an initial price for your blinds within a few hours of your enquiry.

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Bi-Fold door blinds
blinds for bi-fold doors
bi-fold door blinds

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