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Cleaning Curtains: The Full Guide

Due to the makeup of curtains and the extended periods of time they spend folded into pleats, mould, pet hair and dust gather on them. As such, they work against your efforts to keep your home clean and healthy as they stir up this dirt every time they move. So, you need to regularly clean them. However, the methods of cleaning them vary because they’re also made from different fabrics. Some of the curtains may come with a cleaning manual when you buy them but some may not. If you didn’t obtain the manual, here are is the guide for cleaning your curtains.

1. Hand Washing Curtains

At times, hand washing your curtains could be the safer method. To do this, you can use a regular detergent for the laundry or a specifically designed soap for the job of hand washing delicate items. In order to avoid damages to your curtains, it’s a good idea to use a gentle soap so as not to damage the material of your curtain. For the recommended concentration, follow the instructions on your choice of material you’ve decided to hand wash.

Hand washing curtains is a relatively harder job to do than other curtain cleaning methods. It’s, however, great choice to reduce the risk of shrinking and suitable for delicate curtain materials such as 100% cotton. If your curtain material is very heavy, it’d be advised not to hand wash it due to the amount of time required for drying it.

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2. Cleaning in the washing machine

Based on the curtain material, you may opt for simply putting them in the washing machine and leaving them to clean up. Washing machines with a delicate cycle are a good option. If yours doesn’t have the delicate cycle, it’s advisable that you choose a slow spinning cool wash. It’s also fine to use the normal laundry detergent. However, if you’re concerned about the possibility of the curtains shrinking, opt for another method of cleaning the curtains. Light-weight materials are the best option for this method as opposed to the heavy ones since they retain a lot of water. Special attention may be needed for certain materials when being washed in the machine such as cotton which can shrink. So, before making the decision to launder your curtains, check the labels.

3. Steam Cleaning Curtains

This is one of the most convenient curtain cleaning methods. The steam cleaner should have a high quality and have an upholstery attachment. The process should be started at the top working the way downwards. In the case that you observe the material of the curtain becoming wet, move a little further away from it. Enough care should also be taken when using the steam cleaner and the manufacturer’s instructions must be read prior. You must also wear a protective gear to avoid getting burnt by the steam. If the material of your curtain is heavy or is difficult to take down, steam cleaning is the most appropriate to go.

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In general, lightweight materials are best cleaned in the washing machine. Hand washing is best for delicate materials and the heavy ones should be steam cleaned. You should also ensure that you carry out regular maintenance. For instance, vacuum on a daily basis and use a soft brush to remove dust deposits.