Concorde Blinds: Bespoke Shutters in St Neots

Shutters St Neots 

The importance of shutters cannot be emphasised enough especially when it comes to maintaining privacy and uplifting the security of your house. Concorde blinds have been tirelessly working towards providing the best bespoke shutters, curtains and blinds to match your home aesthetics ever since 1968. Concorde Blinds is proud to offer its services to St Neots to cater to the unique needs of the customers of the city. 

Bespoke Shutters for St Neots Homes

St. Neots is a market town in Cambridgeshire, England, with rich history and diverse architectural styles that contribute to its unique aesthetics. In terms of aesthetics, St. Neots may feature a mix of charming historical buildings, picturesque landscapes, and a sense of community. 

A vital aspect of shutter design involves customising them to fit the windows’ alcoves precisely. The goal is to ensure that the shutters seamlessly integrate with the contours and shapes of the window, creating a cohesive and harmonious appearance. To address this unique and delightful taste of the citizens of St Neots, Concorde Blinds offers a variety of choices.

Shutters St Neots

Bay window shutters 

Bay window shutters are a tailored solution for enhancing the focal point of a house, both externally and internally. These shutters, specifically designed for bay windows, contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal. Crafted to measure, they accommodate various bay shapes, including splay or box bays. Bay window shutters not only make a bold and beautiful statement but also maximise versatility in light control. With the ability to flood the room with light or adjust slats for reduced light, these shutters offer a functional and space-saving alternative to curtains in St Neots.

Full height shutters

Full-height shutters, whether pursuing a contemporary or traditional design, stand as our most popular option, catering to all interiors. These window coverings span the entire window or door height and can be tailored with or without a tilt rod. For added flexibility, a mid-rail or split tilt function can be incorporated, allowing independent control of light levels in separate sections. This feature ensures a balance between natural light and privacy, with the mid-rail providing stability for larger shutter doors, aligning seamlessly with the window’s architectural elements.

Café Style Shutters

Café Style Shutters offers a chic and practical window covering solution, covering the lower portion of the window while leaving the top exposed. This design allows natural light to flood in while maintaining privacy. Ideal for a stylish and modern look, these shutters complement various interiors. The half-window coverage provides a balance between openness and discretion. Available in different materials, finishes, and customisable options, Café Style Shutters add a touch of sophistication to any space, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Motorised Shutters 

Motorised shutters bring convenience and modernity to your living space, allowing seamless control with the touch of a button. These automated window coverings enhance privacy, light control, and energy efficiency. Perfect for hard-to-reach windows or smart home integration, motorised shutters provide a sophisticated solution. With customisable features and various styles, they effortlessly blend into any decor. The motorised functionality not only adds a touch of luxury but also offers practicality, transforming your space with ease and efficiency at your fingertips.


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