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Everything you need to know about made to measure curtains

Choosing the right curtains could be a daunting and time-consuming task, particularly for customers that are first-time buyers and unfamiliar with the process. We can’t stress enough how important it is to get the correct measurements when buying curtains, as correctly measured, quality curtains can complete a room and make it feel more homely, but if they’re measured incorrectly they can be costly to replace or fix. There are so many options it’s good to know what you’re looking for when shopping and measuring. Here is everything you need to know about made to measure curtains:


The last thing you want when you’ve ordered made to measure curtains is for them to still not be the perfect size for the window space you’re trying to fill. To achieve the correct width measurement, always measure the track or pole (tip – don’t measure inside the nook of the window or the width of the window) your track or pole should be fitted 15-30cm either side of the window to allow your curtains to open fully and not block any light during the daytime.

When measuring the length of your curtains your measurements will vary depending on the type of curtain heading you choose, for instance, if you choose a pencil heading, the drop amount should be taken from the upper of the track or at the bottom of the curtain loop. If you choose an eyelet heading on the curtain, the drop amount should be taken from the top of the pole, ensure that when measuring you add 3cm to the drop for the fabric to be visible above the pole. The curtain pole should be fitted at least 15cm higher than the actual window itself.

Tip – if you’re undecided on what type of fabric you wish to have, it is highly recommended that you get a few fabric samples to check how they look and feel within your home and how they complement the design of the room.


Deciding on the length of your curtains is completely down to personal preference, there are four standard lengths to choose from, these are:

Sill length – curtains hang about a centimetre above the window sill.

Below sill length – curtains hang 15cm below the sill or 3cm above the radiator (only if you have a radiator below your window of course).

Floor length – curtains hang one centimetre above the floor – this is the most common style to have.

Puddle length – this is the total additional length that is fallen or “puddled” onto the floor. Curtains hanging in this way are measured to the floor along with an extra 6-10 inches to enable the “puddled” effect to occur.

Tip – there is also a little trick that can come very handy when you want your curtains to hang right, this is sewing a small lead weight in the hem of the curtains, this little trick is used in the industry to help curtains hang straight, so they will sit right at all times and look as you wish.

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