The Future is Now

Imagine waking up this morning with the bedside lights turning themselves on, your speaker reminding you of today’s news and weather and the heating adjusting to the perfect temperature… You can now add your blinds raising to allow some natural light to come in. All of this without lifting a finger or pressing any buttons.

This is no longer a dream, it is achievable and affordable.


Concorde Blinds can motorise virtually all of our products including Roller, Duette, Duo Roll, Roman, Venetian and even Curtains. Meaning that we can provide different products throughout your home that can all be part of one Home Automation system.

Operation & Home Automation

There are more options than ever for motorising and automating your window coverings, we work alongside many of the best motor suppliers including Somfy, Q Motion and Silent Gliss. This means that whether you are looking for a plug and play solution to automation or there has been an investment into a structured AV (Audio Visual) system such as Control4, Elan, Savant etc. we will be able to source the perfect solution for you and can work alongside the AV company and electricians to ensure the correct set up is provided.

Most of our motorised blinds are operated by a wall switch or easy to use remote control. We can also offer app based control with the use of clever home hubs like Somfy Tahoma, these connect to the blinds and other smart devices using Wi-Fi and RTS technology.

With Tahoma and other app-connected automation systems, you can schedule your blinds to open and close at certain times, and operate them from anywhere in the world and at any time via the handy app. Tahoma will also link to other home automation products or settings to get the most out of your smart home.

Wire Free

Motorised blinds were traditionally hard wired and motors were noisy, however there is a new focus on being wire free to allow retro fitting blinds after the build project has been complete. Also an emphasis has been made on keeping the motors quiet and as discreet as possible. Power reaches the motor via battery, this can be rechargeable and even solar powered!

The wire free option not only makes interior design less cluttered, but it makes installation much neater, allowing us to concentrate on blinds that can help control your home’s lighting, temperature and privacy, as well as enhancing your comfort and security.

Battery Life

The rechargeable Li-Ion batteries that power the motors simply need charging approximately once or twice per year, the battery life is anticipated at around 8 months, however this does depend on the size of the blind and the frequency of use.

Solar powered motors remove the need to recharge the batteries. There are of course limits if there is a lack of sunlight, however it is as close to being hardwired as the real thing and is perfect for being used for commercial environments where a touch of class is required to impress clients – we used solar powered roller blinds in the executive boxes at Watford Football Club and they work brilliantly.

Branded Motorised Blinds

Concorde’s main motorised blinds are Somfy branded, which are the key brand that we supply for home or commercial automation. Our Somfy motorised blinds are very versatile when considering home automation in Bedford, they will link to voice search devices such as Alexa and connect to Phillips hue lightbulbs as well as integrating with other software’s such as IFTTT, Smartthings and Apple Homekit.

There are other options that are lower cost than Somfy, such as more basic battery powered electric blinds such as Louvolite’s One Touch motor. The focus of these motorised blinds is affordability, and offers a handheld remote which can be wall mounted too. There is also a home hub available for the One Touch motor, although with limited capabilities compared to Somfy’s Tahoma, it does allow mobile device control and voice activation.

The One Touch motor is a simple and affordable way to add motorisation to your home at only around £80 on top of the cost of your blinds.


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