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How to Keep Your House Warmer With Curtains?

Content Updated on 6th March 2024

Curtains do so much more than just hanging beautifully and adding to the aesthetics of your home. They protect your privacy, perform light regulations, control the temperature and so on. Temperature control is considered one of the most desired characteristics of curtains especially in places like the United Kingdom where winters are no less than brutal.

Choosing the right kind of curtain is an inexpensive way of combating the harsh winters and reducing heating bills. However, here the primary concern is choosing the right kind of curtains to meet your requirement.

Can curtains help to keep the house warmer?

Yes, certain kinds of curtains serve the purpose of insulating your homes and keeping the cold away. Blackout curtains which are thermal and insulated act as a barrier against cold air, preventing heat loss through windows. These thermal blackout curtains are designed with special linings that trap warmth, effectively reducing drafts and enhancing energy efficiency. Heavy fabrics in the thermal blackout curtains, and interlined options contribute to creating a cosy and insulated environment by minimising the impact of external cold temperatures. By selecting curtains with these properties and ensuring a proper fit, you can significantly improve heat retention, making living spaces more comfortable and energy-efficient during colder weather.

How do thermal blackout curtains help?

Thermal Lining: Thermal blackout curtains have a special lining typically made of multiple layers of fabric. This fabric is mostly polyester which has proven insulation properties. This lining is designed to trap heat and create a thermal barrier between the interior of the room and the window.

Comprising three layers, these curtains boast a decorative outer layer facing the room, a high-density fluffy interlining that blocks heat transfer and absorbs sound waves, then a softer lining on the reverse of the curtain. By forming a pocket of air between the curtain and window, they successfully inhibit the escape of warmth from the room. Some thermal curtains feature additional closures like velcro strips, enabling a snug seal to the walls for enhanced efficiency. In summary, thermal curtains offer comprehensive insulation with a beautiful full appearance.

Warm colours: It is widely known that dark colours capture and retain heat. Choosing colours from the dark palette such as grey or black blackout curtains can be a good choice. The colour black is known to capture all wavelengths of light which is further converted into heat and retained within the fabric. This heated curtain then emits the heat in the interiors of the household during the evening and night.

Reduction of drafts: Thermal blackout curtains play a pivotal role in draft reduction with their robust and dense construction. This quality is paramount in achieving a steady and pleasant indoor temperature. The curtains‘ substantial weight and thickness create a formidable barrier against external drafts, preventing the infiltration of cold air through windows. By effectively sealing off potential gaps, these curtains contribute significantly to maintaining a constant and comfortable environment within living spaces. This draft-minimising characteristic not only enhances thermal insulation but also ensures that the indoor climate remains stable, fostering an atmosphere of cosiness and energy efficiency throughout various weather conditions.

UV Protection and Energy Efficiency: The blackout feature in thermal curtains not only shields against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, safeguarding furniture and possessions from sun damage, but it also fortifies the overall durability and insulation of interiors. While UV protection directly preserves the aesthetic integrity of items, it indirectly supports energy efficiency. By effectively preventing heat loss and decreasing reliance on additional heating, thermal blackout curtains play a pivotal role in energy conservation. This dual functionality not only ensures a well-insulated environment but also translates into tangible cost savings on heating bills, making them a practical and economically sound choice for households and spaces.

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