Why Should My Blinds be Made to Measure?

When it comes to buying blinds, you have two main choices: made to measure blinds or standard-fitting options. The choice you make will have a direct impact on how the room looks. At Concorde Blinds, we always recommend made to measure blinds for the best results – keep reading to find out why.


Why do you need made to measure blinds?

While standard blinds may be more affordable in the short term than made to measure blinds, bespoke blinds provide a far more refined finish to a room, and they’re guaranteed to fit every window perfectly. Here at Concorde Blinds, we provide a free measuring service to customers looking for made to measure blinds. Our professional team is on hand to measure each window in your home to ensure you receive blinds that are bespoke handcrafted to every contour of your home.


Even when you buy standard blinds, there’s a chance that different windows in your home are different sizes, resulting in ill-fitting blinds. You could opt to measure your windows for made to measure blinds yourself, but this comes with a degree of human error and could mean you need to trim some material off or that the blinds are too small, resulting in a gap.


Our free made to measure service reduces this risk, ensuring you get perfect blinds for your home. On top of this, made to measure solutions come in a wide range of luxury fabrics, linings to suit your privacy/light preferences, and you have the option to personalise the blinds to your exact taste. The quality is far more superior, making made to measure blinds the best choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of luxury to their homes and frame their windows perfectly.


What happens if your blinds are not made to measure?

 It can be hard to know what will tie a room’s interior design together best and enhance the look of a window, but that’s where our team can help. During our free measuring survey, we will offer you expert guidance and advice on the blinds that could work best in your home based on our years of professional experience. Our team’s skill means we will only design, build, and fit exceptional blinds that look nothing short of perfect.

You don’t need to worry about gaps or frayed edges from having to trim the blinds yourself, and you don’t need to worry about compromising on fabric choices and finishes either. Bespoke blinds are an investment in your home’s decor that means you get a perfect result that complements your interior design and you avoid disappointment.


How can Concorde Blinds help?

 At Concorde Blinds, we’re the manufacturer and fitter of the only blinds to offer a free measuring service, demonstrating our commitment to providing outstanding and fair service to all our customers.

Our made-to-measure blinds are made from the finest quality materials and we offer an exceptional service to match. Book a free survey today, call us on 01234 841535 to speak to a member of our expert team to get your home renovations rolling.