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Why you should be opting for metal Venetian blinds over wood

Whilst the classic wooden Venetian blinds might be beautiful and elegant there is an ever-growing list of reasons why metal might be taking over the Venetian stage. Choosing between metal Venetian blinds and wooden blinds can be made simple by comparing them in terms of durability, feasibility, adaptability, flexibility and versatility.

Wood is considered to be quite a traditional choice nowadays, while the metal alternative are becoming increasingly popular with the modern generation. They can be fit into windows and doors of any size, and are more flexible than their wooden parents, and are available in plenty of dazzling designs and colours that make them preferable over timber. Some of the main reasons you shouldn’t forget to consider for opting for metal blinds are below!


  • Metal Venetian blinds are highly durable in nature. They are unaffected by the frequent variations in temperature and climatic conditions. Proper power coating can make them highly rustproof by nature.
  • Venetians can be used in warehouses and factories in which they get exposed to heat and humidity from smoke and fumes. They have the inbuilt ability to withstand such conditions without wilting or breaking under stressful conditions.


  • Venetian blinds are economically more feasible in nature compared to expensive wooden blinds. In fact you could save up to 50% on costs when you opt for metal over wood.
  • Venetians can be custom made according to your needs. Ladder spacing and slat sizing can be precisely adjusted according to requirements.
  • Aesthetically, Venetians are more to the liking of home owners and interior designers.
  • Slat areas are free from lifting tapes. This makes the Venetians free from the clumsiness that sometimes come with wooden blinds.
  • End rails of the extruded metal Venetian can be anodized to make them noise proof.
  • Maintenance of Venetians is simpler and inexpensive compared to wooden blinds. You can wash them, wipe them and clean them without having to worry about breaking them apart. This is unlike wooden blinds whose maintenance can be risky and expensive.


  • Metal venetian blinds are adaptable to your homes, shops, industries, business houses, cinemas, and restaurants of any type. This is unlike wooden blinds which display and represent a specific lifestyle. Their appeal is more traditional in nature and they don’t fit in as well in modern apartments, although they can if included as part of the style.
  • Metal blinds can be easily operated with the help of a remote-control device also. This feature is seen much less with wooden blinds.

Flexibility and Security

  • With Metal Venetian blinds it is possible to enhance the level of insulation by adding stainless steel and thermal padding between slats. You can also alter the levels of darkness within your room by using flexible controller system. This feature is unavailable with wooden blinds.
  • It is possible to install an intruder detecting alarm system within the slats. This option is also unavailable in wooden blinds.
  • A view-through option is better in metal blinds compared to wood. Slats are flexible to allow good view without having to fully open the Venetian. The new features introduced in their manufacturing method makes it possible to have double view space when one of the slats is lifted up. This is unlike wooden blinds which need to be lifted up (at least partially) to get a clear view outside the window.

This article was contributed by Homes Direct 365 who are experts in furniture and interior design.