Curtains with pelmet

4 Beautiful Pelmet Curtain Ideas for your Windows

Investing in a new set of curtains can be a difficult and complex process, especially if you want to make sure they complement the design of the rest of the room. There are a number of considerations including the material you want, the colour that’ll best match the rest of the room, and the length of the curtain itself. But we’re going to put all of that to one side for now, and focus on a more subtle aspect of curtain design: the pelmet curtain.

Pelmets have a long history and are great if you want to cover up some unsightly window fittings. Less well known is they ability to help insulate a room by preventing convection currents. Below are a few designs we think you’ll love. Hopefully, they’ll give you some inspiration and convince you to invest in this little-used design idea.

1. The traditional look

Pelmets are often associated with grand rooms in stately homes, and it’s easy to see why. They frame the window and really draw attention to the height of the ceiling. The picture below shows how, by matching the pelmet with the curtains, but adding a contrasting blind, it’s possible to make an interesting and traditional look that hearkens back to the living rooms of yester-year, but isn’t too stuck in the past.

2. The modern look

Don’t let the previous design have you thinking that pelmets are only for those going for early 1900s look, they’re versatile enough to work in the 21st century too. By having a simple pattern, or single colour, the straight boxy look of pelmets can really add to a modern room. By choosing a grey or light brown colour, they don’t look out of place at all in modern designs.

Curtain With Colour Matched Pelmet

3. The sophisticated look

Similar to the modern look, pelmets can add an element of sophistication to a room. Probably because of their heritage in stately homes, adding a simple white pelmet to your windows can complement the furniture in your room perfectly. Again, the boxy nature of pelmet creates a really modern and sophisticated feel which is perfectly demonstrated in the photo below.

sophisticated pelmet curtains

4. The alternative look

Finally, if you really want to mix things up, there are pelmets available that really break with the norm. Far from having to be a simple rectangular box, pelmets can be pretty much any shape you’d want. The photo below shows how having both an asymmetric shape and curtain can add some real intrigue to what could be an otherwise uninteresting arrangement.

alternative pelmet curtains

The two tone look also shows how pelmets don’t necessarily have to melt into the background and can be bold whilst really completing the look of a room.

We hope these ideas have caught your imagination and convinced you that such a simple addition to your windows can really add to whatever feel you’re going for in a room. The versatility of the simple pelmet means you really can let your imagination run wild with this one! Got design ideas of your own? Please feel free to share with us via our Twitter or Facebook as well as anything you’d like to learn more about, or what you found most interesting!