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Home Automation Blinds in Bedford, Milton Keynes & Luton

Home Automation

Motorised blinds were traditionally hard-wired, however, nowadays it’s all about being wire free and battery powered. This not only makes the interior design less cluttered, but it makes the blinds safer and more child-friendly. Concorde Blinds offer anything form of motorised blinds, depending on your needs and requirements, our motorised blinds can have power to the motor by either rechargeable batteries or even solar powered! The motor inside our motorised blinds has a lithium battery that is made for long use.

Most of our motorised blinds are operated by a wall switch and easy to use remote control. With other electric blinds, you can buy a home hub such as Tahoma, which you can link to your blinds with Wi-Fi, which is then controlled by the app Smart Blind.


Solar Panel Powered

This is achieved with a battery pack that is attached to the motor inside the motorised blind. Which can then connect to any power source of your choosing. Choosing the solar panel option is the smart way to do it – it’s the best and most flexible way to go if, for example, your blind needs to be placed in a hard to reach area.

It also allows for automatic charge for your batteries, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it like you would do if it was battery powered with AA batteries for instance. With this automatic charge, the standard time your motorised blind will be powered for is 8-10 months, providing you with peace of mind that it your motorised blinds will remain working for a long amount of time.

There are of course limits if there is a lack of sunlight, however, it is as close to being hardwired than the real thing and is perfect for being used for commercial environments as well as corporate suites.

The solar panel is attached to your window, those who are searching for a more cheaper option can go for AA batteries to be replaced into the battery pack – this requires 8 AA batteries per blind.

Branded Motorized Blinds

We supply motorised blinds that are Somfy branded, which are the main brand that we supply for home automation. Our Somfy motorised blinds are the best of blinds home automation, they will link to voice search devices such as Alexa and connect to Phillis hue lightbulbs.

There are other options that are lower cost than Somify, such as more basic battery-powered electric blinds such as one touch. The focus of one-touch motorised blinds is affordability - offering either a Magic Wand remote that hangs by the window neatly, or a handheld remote that is hooked up to a control centre usually wall mounted by the blinds. The limitation is that it is the most simple type of automated blinds, and can’t be linked up to your household or mobile phone via app like Somify. One touch blinds make for a super easy and cheap way to add automation to your home at only around £60-£80 on top of the cost of your blinds, but the functionality is limited since you can only open or close blinds by pushing the motorised buttons.

With the Somify and other app-connected automation systems, you can schedule your blinds to open and close at certain times, and operate them from anywhere and at any time via the app. With the Somify you can also link to other home automation products or settings to get the most out of your home.

Our One Touch motorised blinds are a one of a kind, we supply One Touch roller blinds, pleated blinds as well as duo roll blinds. These branded blinds are not only affordable but super reliable. For instance, in one room you can links multiple blinds together such as in a conservatory. Whether it be wireless or wirefree, you can link up to 16 blinds at once!

In terms of Somfy branded motorised blinds, it is the main one for to connect to a smart hub for smart homes, with a number of intricate interlinking home automation features.

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