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At Concorde Blinds, we are a family run business that has been involved in the shutters, blinds and curtains industries since 1968. Since then we have expanded and grown as a business. This has led to us becoming the premium provider for a variety of luxury window shutters throughout Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes is a modern city with a recent history Concorde Blinds are proud to be a part of. Although a fairly new city, it is the last and largest of the new towns, Milton Keynes has grown and become a hugely popular part of the UK. In fact, during 2015, the locations Centre: MK, IntuMK, and Xscape had over 44 million visitors. But Milton Keynes is not just lots of buildings, it has 15 incredible, beautiful lakes. And actually, it has more bridges than Venice.

Milton Keynes is an exciting place to be, and if you’re looking for the best bespoke window shutters Concorde Blinds can help…

Bespoke Shutters Milton Keynes

Here at Concorde Blinds, we have searched across the globe to provide you with the best shutters in Milton Keynes. Including a range of shapes, colours, and styles that suit any window and home. But they look incredible when paired with bay windows or unusually shaped windows or large door areas. Although with Concorde Blinds’ friendly and expert team of installers, they can make shutters that will stand out in any window and in any room.

Like with all the blinds, curtains, and shutters we offer, Concorde Blinds’ service includes an exclusive personal consultation to ensure your shutters are the perfect fit for you and your home. But what makes window shutters such an exciting and premium option? And what are your many window shutters options?

Bay Window Shutters Milton Keynes

Bay windows are an elegant feature for the interior and exterior of any home. Shutters are the perfect compliment to bay windows, that also takes up less space than curtains and provide maximum light control and beauty.

Full Height Shutters Milton Keynes

Full height shutters offer both traditional and contemporary shutter designs. These shutters are one of our most popular options because they are adaptable and suited to a variety of home interiors.

Café Style Shutters Milton Keynes

These shutters differ from full height shutters as they will cover the bottom section of your window. We build designs to match your existing window lines or to a height that gives you privacy while allowing the maximum amount of light through the top section of your window.  

Motorised Shutters Milton Keynes

Motorised shutters allow you control over your home’s lighting and privacy at your fingertips. Motorised shutters will save you time and energy. And are ideal for large shutter installations that aren’t practical to use manually.

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Concorde Blinds are here to help if you are looking for exceptional shutters in Milton Keynes. If any of our products or services interest you, give us a call on 01234 841535. Or fill in the enquiry form on our contact page today. One of our friendly and expert team will always be happy to discuss your design ideas.


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