The Benefits of Blackout Curtains In The Bedroom

Blackout to Keep The Sun Out

When it comes to the bedroom you need to be creating a design and a setting that lends itself well to the one thing you will be doing in there… sleeping. Sleep is very important to your mental and physical health. So, any steps that can be taken to help ensure you get a good night’s rest are worth investing in. Keeping with this train of thought, blackout curtains are a great idea.

Blackout curtains provide a huge benefit that regular curtains do not in that they do a far better job keeping the light out. With regular curtains such as what you may have in your living room, even if the curtain is of a darker colour light will still leak into your room. Now downstairs this is not so much of an issue, but upstairs in the bedroom, it is. 

It’s not just about the light from outside seeping inside. Blackout curtains can make the bedroom dark when you want, while still allowing light inside during the day. This can help with your sleeping pattern. 

Also, it is not just natural light you want to keep out but other lights. Such as the flashing lights of cars and street lamps which could shine into your room. Some people, in particular, are very sensitive when it comes to light and all these little factors can add up and make it very tricky for deep sleep to take place.


Children Blackout Curtains

If you have children, children’s blackout curtains are an excellent choice. Kids can suffer sleep loss from light gaining entry to their bedrooms too but thankfully there is now an excellent range of attractive designs of children’s blackout curtains available to purchase. You can find them in various prints. Featuring many of the popular characters that they know and love.

Another reason for picking blackout curtains for both you and your kids is the choice of blackout curtain linings you can choose from. When you are picking your curtains, you need to consider the linings. A thicker lining will not only help keep out the light, but it will also help keep the heat in. 

This is of course especially important during those cold winter nights. You can purchase these types of blackout curtains by searching for thermal curtains. You will likely find them in most home-ware shops.

bedroom with furniture

Thicker, Therefore Reduces Noise

You may not know this, but blackout curtains can even help to reduce outside noise that would otherwise enter your room. This is due to the thicker and heavier fabrics they are made from. They are not going to be blocking out all noise but can help you when it comes to getting a peaceful night’s sleep.

If you are trying to live a greener lifestyle, blackout curtains can help. As well as save you money. One-third of energy loss occurs through the windows of an average home when generating and conversing heat. If you have blackout curtains installed, you can help combat this as they will do a good job in reducing total thermal loss. You also have the other side of the coin in that during summer months they will help to keep the sun rays out, helping to prevent your room from getting too hot.

If you have decided to take the plunge and purchase some blackout curtains, the designs you have to choose from are vast and impressive. You can research different lining options and find the best designs that will go with your household’s bedrooms. Perhaps today will be the ideal time to pop along to your favourite homeware store or look online so you can begin feeling the benefit of blackout curtains.


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