White window shutters on three windows in a living room with cream chairs.

The History of Window Shutters

Today, window shutters come as a design feature on all kinds of different houses across the globe. However, they weren’t always just there just to add a little extra to the extra aesthetic appeal.

The First Window Shutters

The first ever window shutters were built on the insides of houses, when the masonry was so thick that people were unable to reach the outer walls. They were built into the walls as protection from the elements in the days when glass was too rare or too expensive.

Shutters were later developed to cover only half of the window, at the bottom, when glass panes were employed above, to let a little light into the rooms.

During the reign of Queen Victoria, an increased amount of timber and brickwork was used in the design of houses, meaning that people could now reach to the outer walls to fit shutters.

Why Use Window Shutters?

In recent years, shutters are used for both their practical benefits and their eye-catching style, adding to a homes add to a home’s characterful appearance.

Weather Conditions

Whether you’re in blistering heat or freezing cold, you’ll need something to protect you from the weather.

Shutters help to keep your aircon inside when it’s too warm and shade you from the heat of the sun.

Windows are the cause of most heat loss, and during the colder months, shutters can also be pulled across the windows to keep the heat in.


Nice, well-maintained shutters can provide a beautiful Mediterranean feel or a cottage vibe depending on their colour and style. Shutters add extra appeal to a property, making your home look unique against others in the street.

Different Types of Shutters

Modern shutters are made from a few different materials and it’s important that you choose the right one to suit your home, both functionally and fashionably.


Wood shutters are the most sought-after shutters available, remaining popular for their range of beautiful designs and practicality. Wood shutters are heavy and thick enough to protect your home against bad or windy weather and can help to keep warm air from escaping, improving the overall efficiency of your home.

These attractive shutters are used inside the home, loved for their functionality and style.



White, PVC shutters look like thin blinds which sit on the exterior of your house, either in individual slats that mimic venetian blinds or in full, plastic roller blind form.

They have the most modern appearance of all shutters and are generally well suited to modern homes to block out the sun.

However, they aren’t the best suited for hot climates as they can warp. 


Aluminium shutters are best suited for outbuildings or doorways. They’re the sort of shutters that you might see outside shop fronts.

They’re solid, so they’re amazing to provide security and protection and they’re the longest lasting material for shutters – remaining usable for a period of 10 years or more if you maintain them well.

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