Curtains with pelmet

Top tips to consider when choosing curtains

Let’s discuss some of the main things to think about when choosing the best curtains for the job.

Are you experiencing difficulties deciding on which curtain would fit in with your style and suit your windows best? Well, you are not alone. Many of us have serious problems when it comes to choosing the perfect curtains. However, this task doesn’t have to be so cumbersome. The following tips will guarantee that you pick the right curtain for your windows & enjoy the experience at the same time.

Curtains With Colour Matched Pelmet

The function of the curtain

Curtains are made from different fabrics, each of which is suitable for certain purposes. It would be unlogical to buy curtains made from a single fabric for the whole house. Each fabric is suitable for certain purposes. If you are interested in decoration, delicate and bright fabrics are fine. However, in your bedroom, you would want to look for a thicker (blackout) material to ensure less light gets in and you get a good nights sleep.

Suitability of colour

Ideally, the colour of the curtains should match with the colouration of the rest of the room. Whether it contrasts or matches the room furnishings is a personal preference. You can either pick a colour that is complementary to the walls of your room or otherwise. It is entirely your decision to make but an important fact to think about.

The lining of the curtain

If your curtain is to be hung on a window that is exposed to direct sunlight, the best choice is the protective lining. This is because when used here, these type of curtains makes your window more opaque. Hence, it will last longer due to a slower rate of fading.

Type of curtain fabric

The appearance of your room is heavily pegged on the fabric used for the curtains. There is a variety of fabric to choose from. What should inform your choice is either the amount light you want to allow in your room or the décor and mood you want your room to have.

Full length curtains with tie backs

Curtain accessories and trims

There is an array of options for accessories and trims you can choose from. So, depending on the effect you expect your curtain to have, you can pick either valances or pull-backs. When used alongside light drapes, accessories and trims add grandeur and riches.


Your budget is an important determinant of which curtains you should buy. The cost of fabrics differs significantly from one to another. Cotton is affordable to most people. On the other hand, many people find while silk gives a more elegant look it can be very expensive.

What style and size do you want for your curtains

The size and style of curtain you’re looking for will determine the fabric. Tab top curtains should be done with light fabrics. To keep the curtains from flying due to the blowing wind, heavier fabrics are suited for large windows and doors.

Can your curtains help acquire the desired room temperature

Some fabrics are suitable when a room has to be kept warm while others are fit for cold rooms. Tweed, suede, and velvet help keep the room warm. Cotton and linen are good for keeping the room at a cool temperature.

The durability of your curtains

The most long-lasting curtains should be a top priority for you. Although some fabrics used look beautiful, they may get worn faster than others. These top tips are very instrumental if you are to choose the right curtain for your window or door. When you are faced with the problem of choosing the best curtain, you’ll have to use all the above tips and avoid any unnecessary hustles.