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What Are Pelmets Used For?

What are pelmets?

Pelmets are decorative panels hiding curtain installation elements such as curtain rails. They are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, and can add character to any room. This added touch adds a unique cosy and luxurious feel that can match your personal style. In fact, there are now various minimalist, modern designs available, as well as more traditional models. Pelmets are highly versatile and complement both traditional and modern homes.


The History of Pelmets

The history of pelmets dates back to the 15th century as pelmets first appeared during the Renaissance period. They were initially used to decorate beds, but their use later expanded to windows and doors. As well as being decorative assets, pelmets were an assertion of wealth as they were mostly found in the homes of upper-class households. The styles and designs of pelmets have evolved over time, but they were originally richly decorated with colourful fabrics and intricate woodwork designs.


Current use of Pelmets

Nowadays, curtain pelmets are used to hide the fixtures and fittings that are used to fit curtains (for instance curtain rods and tracks), as well as hiding the top edge of the curtains. Other unsightly elements such as wiring can also be hidden by these convenient panels. To create a relaxed, yet modern aesthetic, strips of light may be used behind pelmets, showcasing soft lighting.

Curtain pelmets are not only used for styling, they are also used to make your home more energy efficient. In fact, curtain pelmets play an important role when it comes to heating and cooling your house. Acting as a shield, pelmets prevent hot air from entering your room in the summer, and help maintain heat by preventing cold air from entering your home in the cooler months.


What types of pelmets are available now?

Pelmets come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and materials. Some also have built-in features such as curtain rails. The main types of pelmets currently available include the following:

  •       Fabric curtain pelmets are great for a traditional look and to add an element of ‘fluffiness’ to your room. They can create a very cosy and luxurious ambiance.
  •       Wood curtain pelmets are suitable to create either a traditional or modern look depending on the particular style chosen. The materials currently used are MDF and plywood, making these pelmets resistant to moisture, bowing and warping.
  •       Metal curtain pelmets are an excellent option to create a stylish and durable look. They are particularly stunning on tall windows with metal mullions.
  •       Foamboard curtain pelmets are lightweight and therefore easy to install and remove with minimal wall damage. They also constitute a great low-cost option. However, it is important to note that they are not as durable as their wooden, fabric and metal counterparts.

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