Plantation Shutters

What Are Plantation Shutters?

There are many types of bespoke shutters available, but few people know about plantation shutters. This ingenious type of blind offers a myriad of advantages, ranging from a beautiful design to heat retention and enhanced air ventilation.

Keep reading to learn more about bespoke plantation shutters and whether they’re suitable for you.

Everything You Need To Know About Plantation Shutters? 

Plantation shutters are a type of slatted blind that can be installed on doors and windows alike. They comprise a number of louvres (slats) within a wooden frame that is drilled to the frame of your windowsill or door. The louvres are manoeuvrable, giving you the option to have them fully open or closed, or anything in between depending on the air and light you want coming into your room.

Bespoke plantation shutters look particularly good on large windows that run almost floor to ceiling, but they are incredibly versatile and can be used to complement any room’s décor and overall aesthetic.

Where Do Plantation Shutters Originate From? 

Plantation shutters date back to medieval times and were also used in Ancient Greece as a way to protect from the weather. They also offered protection from potential security threats, with wealthier members of society opting for bespoke shutters made out of marble as opposed to wood.

Despite their humble beginnings, the name stems from their use on cotton and sugar plantations in the southern USA, where they were commonly installed on the plantation mansions. Since then, their versatility and appealing look have seen them popularised all over the world.

The Benefits Of Plantation Shutters 

There are many bespoke shutters you can choose from, so why should you consider plantation shutters? Well, they offer several advantages that you may find appealing, including:

  •       Complete light control – you can open the louvres as much or as little as you like, giving you more control over how much light you let into a room
  •       Increased air ventilation – in the same way you can control the light, you can also control the amount of air that circulates in a room
  •       Enhanced privacy – plantation shutters are great for ground floor levels or busy streets because you can allow light to flood in without having to compromise your privacy – depending on the angle of the louvres
  •       Improved heat retention – due to the fact they’re completely fitted to the windowsill or door frame, bespoke plantation shutters minimise the amount of heat that is lost through the window whilst simultaneously blocking draughts
  •       Beautiful aesthetic appearance – there’s no property that won’t suit plantation shutters, so whether you have a period house with big original windows or a newbuild with a bay window, plantation shutters will beautiful

Why You Should Opt For Plantation Shutters For Your Home 

There are so many reasons why plantation shutters are a good option for your home – from their timeless elegance and energy-saving properties to their overall increased light/air control and privacy. If you’re looking for bespoke shutters for your home, it’s worth considering plantation shutters. Get in touch with our team at Concorde Blinds today on 01234 841535 or head over to our contact page for more details.