Venetian Bathroom Blinds

What are the Best Blinds for Your Bathroom?

If your bathroom is lacking privacy or ambience, made to measure blinds could be just what you need. Some people think bathroom windows should be left as they are – frosted – but this can mean the room feels cold and open. Having blinds in your bathroom is a great way to block out the outdoors and create a relaxing environment for you to indulge in, but you need to make sure you’re making the right buying decision.


Bathroom blinds are unlike any other blinds in your house due to the nature of the room and the climate, not to mention the often-bespoke window sizes that are unique to every home. Made to measure blinds are perfect for bathrooms.

Made to Measure Bathroom Blinds

If you’ve ever set foot in more than one house, you’ll know that bathrooms seldom come in the same shape or size. Sometimes they’re spacious with big windows and lots of light, whilst other times they’re small with tiny windows that may not fit into the realm of standard blind sizes. This makes finding blinds for your bathroom that fit beautifully tricky, to say the least, and that’s why made to measure blinds are the perfect option.


Even if your bathroom has frosted glass window panes, you may feel like you need some additional privacy. Blinds are perfect for this because you can block out the outside world entirely, ensuring no one sees silhouettes moving every time you shower.


The bathroom should be a place of luxury; where you go to unwind after a long day. The problem is, most bathrooms have harsh overhead lights or windows that let in too much light from outside. By installing a bespoke blind, you can create an ambience within the room. If you want a fresh feel, pull the blind up. If you want to enjoy a romantic bath or some me-time, pull the blind down to dim the light or even block it out completely.


Another reason why made to measure blinds work so well in the bathroom is that they can become a part of the décor. They can frame the window and make it appear less gaping, helping with the atmosphere inside the room and accentuating certain aspects of the décor, like rugs and towels.

What Types of Made to Measure Blinds Work in a Bathroom?

So, now you know why bespoke blinds work well in the bathroom, it’s time to talk about the most suited types. It’s not quite as easy as simply buying a standard blind because unlike a living room or bedroom, the bathroom is a humid area. The dampness in the air can settle on fabrics and cause them to go mouldy or the cords to go rusty.


At Concorde Blinds, we carefully listen to your needs and understand that a normal blind isn’t up to the job in the bathroom. With this in mind, our made to measure custom bathroom blinds are all steam, rust, and mould resistant. This includes our fabric roller blinds and roman blinds. We don’t typically recommend wooden Venetian blinds in a bathroom because the moisture in the air will make the wood warp over time, but metal or faux-wood Venetians are a great alternative if this is the look you’re going for.


You want your bathroom to be comfortable, calm, relaxing, private, and clean, and blinds can contribute to all of these. Simply get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you find the right bathroom blind for you, made just for you. Call our team on 01234 841535 or visit our contact page to fill in an enquiry form.