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Bespoke Blinds & How To Clean Them

With over 40 years’ of experience in the blinds and window coverings industry, it’s fair to say that we know our blinds fairly well. What makes our job so unique and interesting, however, is the plethora of custom projects and bespoke blinds we design and create for our clients – pairing different interior spaces and homes with the best blind options for them.

From functional use to aesthetic finish, accessibility, and ease of operation, bespoke blinds can be selected and installed to suit your exact needs. But what happens when we leave, and you’re left to clean and maintain your blinds without expert help?

In this article, we’re sharing a few  industry tips and insider secrets on cleaning different blinds according to their material.


How To Clean Different Blind Materials

Before we look at how to clean different blind materials, it’s worth understanding why so many different materials exist. After all, don’t they all do the same job?

Well, yes, they do – but the value of the different materials lies in the way that they cover the window – optimising privacy, casting complete darkness across your space, framing the window, and offering a light covering which offers privacy but allows a flow of light. Depending on the space you’re dressing, each of these materials boasts its own array of benefits.


Metal Blinds

Metal blinds are, as a material, fairly easy to wipe clean. The difficulty comes in the style and structure of blinds – with most metal solutions crafted with a multitude of slats which can be adjusted to open and close with ease. While slatted blinds are a popular solution throughout the home, they are fiddly to clean with our advice being to clean little and often rather than finding that they need a deep clean every once in a while.


Wooden/Faux Wood Blinds

Wood is a natural product which means that using water is not a good idea. Instead, when it comes to cleaning wooden blinds, we recommend a duster or vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, with a lightly damp cloth suitable to remove any stubborn marks.

On the contrary, faux wood blinds offer the same aesthetic as real wood blinds but are much easier to clean due to being entirely waterproof. Faux wood is also cheaper and is generally lighter in weight, making it easy to install.


Plastic Blinds

Durable, cost effective, and easy to maintain, plastic blinds are stylish and available in all manner of designs and finishes – not to mention they are among some of the most lightweight window covering solutions which makes them suitable for all rooms and uses. In terms of maintenance and cleaning, plastic is completely waterproof – with our team recommending warm soapy water to keep them clean.

TOP TIP: Put on an old pair of gloves and use these as a wearable duster to keep plastic blinds clean. This is particularly beneficial when cleaning slatted blinds.


Fabric Blinds

The beauty of fabric blinds is that they can be chosen to compliment your interior space and decorative style to perfection. Not only that, but they offer maximum privacy when closed and can be bolstered with blackout fabric if you want to block all light – or left as a single strip of fabric for a lighter window coverage.

Either way, fabric blinds are easy to clean because the regularity with which you open and close them means that they are never overly static and so do not collect too much dust.

Different fabrics require different cleaning techniques – the detail of which can be found out through the retailer or on the label of your selected fabric. However, in most cases a damp cloth and vacuum cleaner should be enough to keep your blinds looking their best.


Concorde Blinds Services

With so many different blind materials and options available, matching your home and interior style with the best and most convenient solution for you couldn’t be easier – with the help of Concorde Blinds. Our team can offer advice and insight into the best material for your interior spaces and can even send over a tailored quote for your very own bespoke blinds. Get in touch to find out more.