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How to Clean Venetian Blinds: Blind Maintenance Made Easy

These days, many people opt for Venetian blinds as window coverings in their homes or places of business. This is because these blinds not only look smart, modern and stylish but they are also affordable. However, one thing that many people do struggle with when it comes to these blinds is maintaining them and keeping them clean.

Cleaning Venetian blinds can be more difficult than cleaning other types of blinds, but regular attention can help to speed up the cleaning process and make it easier. You can then enjoy the aesthetic appeal and modern appearance of these blinds without getting frustrated about cleaning them.

Light and deep cleaning your Venetian blinds

If you want to make life easier when it comes to cleaning your Venetian blinds, you should combine regular light cleaning with occasional deep cleans. This means:

Clean them regularly to make lighter work:

Doing a light clean on a regular basis is far less troublesome than waiting for dirt and dust to build up to the point where a deep clean is required. Lighter cleaning methods are quick and simple, which means that you can fit them into your schedule and keep your blinds looking clean. You don’t even have to remove the blind in order to do a light clean, as you can simply work on the individual slats while the blinds are still in place.

When you are doing a light clean, you should use water and some cleaning solution to remove any sticky marks, stains or grease from the slats – make sure that if you use cleaning solution it is suitable for your blinds. Make sure you close the blinds before you start cleaning them so that you have easy access to the slats. Once you have removed any residue from the slats, you simply need to use a dry cloth and run it across each slat to remove the dust.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the slats during your light clean. You can use the attachment that is designed for use on upholstery in order to get the best results. It is important to ensure you adjust the suction power on the vacuum so that it is not too fierce, as otherwise your blinds could get damaged.

Deep clean your blinds on occasion:

As long as you carry out regular light cleaning on your Venetian blinds, you will only have to do a deep clean on occasion. Check out our deep clean guide on cleaning vertical blinds which is a very similar process. This is a more involved process than the lighter clean. You also need to remember that these methods are not designed for wooden blinds, as they could get damaged.

To deep clean your blinds you need to take them down. You then have two options. You can either soak the blinds in your bathtub with some suitable cleaning solution added to get the slats and cords clean, or you can clean them outdoors with the use of a hose pipe. If you decide to use the bath you may need to soak the blinds several times to get rid of the dirty water from the initial soak. You can also use a shower to rinse them off.

Once this is done, you should make sure that you thoroughly dry the blinds before you hang them back up at the window. You can hang them over the bath indoors to dry or in a suitable place outdoors if the weather is good. Make sure that they are completely dry before you hang them back up at the window.

This combination of regular light cleaning and occasional deep cleaning will keep your blinds looking spotless throughout the year.

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