How To Clean Vertical Blinds: Your Blind Deep Clean Step-By-Step Guide

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Like most other things in the home, vertical blinds may need a good clean once in a while! Luckily, though vertical blinds aren’t that easy to clean, they don’t need doing very often. With regular maintenance, they can last for many years – making them a fantastic window covering investment. As always, we recommend a gentle clean more frequently rather than leaving them until they need a deep clean. 

Our handy step-by-step guide will help you get those beautiful vertical blinds back to pristine condition.


1. Remove slats from the headrail

Remove the slats/louvres from the headrail. This method is usually done quite quickly by unhooking or unclipping. Be careful when removing the slats as the plastic hooks can become brittle over time. 


2. Dust Your Headrail

Take this time to dust the headrail with a damp cloth. After all, you don’t want to be putting your clean blinds back on a dusty, dirty rail! You can also use a silicone-based spray in the grooves to ensure it keeps operating smoothly.


3. Wash with warm water (no hotter than 30 degrees)

Fill a large bucket, basin, or even the bathtub with warm water. To protect the blinds, the water temperature must not be hot or above 30 degrees C (86F). If you have a hanging blind with a weight on the bottom, this section is held together with glue which hot water will damage and break that seal.

Warm water should be sufficient to wash away any stains, but you can use a gentle non-bio cleaner like Persil Silk & Wool or another detergent that is for delicate fabrics.

You can also wash your vertical fabric blinds in the washing machine, but again this must be on a gentle cycle at temperatures no hotter than 30C (86F).


4. Scrub away stains with a sponge

Very gently scrub the blinds with a soft sponge or cloth from top to bottom.

Do not let the blind soak in the water. The soaking can cause them to shrink and possibly lose their shape and fire-retardant additive (if the fabric is FR).


5. Lay screens flat to dry

Do not hang your blinds to dry because this can stretch them, and sticking them in the dryer can shrink them. Always leave them to dry fully before rehanging, so they keep their shape. If water spots are a concern, you can use a hair dryer on a low heat setting to quickly go over it. Remember; be careful with your blinds as the fabric is delicate and therefore can fray, shrink and bow. 


6. When dry, rehang the blinds on the headrail

When your blinds are completely dry, hang them back up on your headrail. This is the final step to the cleaning process and all that’s left is to enjoy your clean, stain-free vertical blinds.


Commercial Vertical Blinds


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