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How Often Should You Change Your Blinds?

How Often Should I Change My Blinds? 

Changing your blinds is something you may want to avoid due to the expense and time it could take. Blinds typically should last around 7-8 years, but with poor blinds maintenance their lifespans may be shortened. Fortunately, there are signs to look out for to indicate when it’s time to change your blinds and ways to help preserve them to last longer. 

Why Should I Consider Upgrading My Blinds? 

There are many reasons that may influence your decision to change your blinds. Your current ones may be ageing and becoming discoloured, or maybe the blinds have become misshapen due to an extra hot summer or increased humidity and are no longer able to block out the sun effectively. Or simply, you feel that a change of decor is required to change up the style of the room!

Discoloured Blinds

Discolouring is something that may naturally come with age. Having full window covering blinds, they are bound to experience a vast amount of sunlight over their lifetime, and most blind materials will eventually become discoloured. Luckily, newer commonly used materials are much more resistant to UV damage. 

However, if you do start to notice your blinds becoming dramatically discoloured within a short period of time, then it may be a sign of poor-quality materials and it’s probably best to have them replaced.

Damaged Blinds

Just like with any household item, blinds can become damaged if neglected. There could be many reasons for a blind becoming damaged. For faux wood, overheating frequently can cause them to become misshapen, or for natural wood blinds excessive moisture can cause paint to flake and split.

Damaged blinds can be hard to ignore, as broken slats will be extremely obvious when the blinds are in use. Misshapen slats will be rather ineffective at blocking out light, heat and UV rays, which could eventually lead to furniture appearing more aged. If you do end up with damaged blinds, it would be best to have them fully replaced.

Change In Aesthetic/Style

Trends change and to make our homes look attractive, we need to stay on top of interior design. A personal change in aesthetic is often reflected in the environment around us. If you decide to renovate a room, or your entire home, then it may be time for a change in bespoke blinds to match your new style and impress your guests!

Difficulty Operating Blinds

Window dressing blinds all come with a mechanism so you can adjust them to suit your needs, and this mechanism has the potential to break. 

One issue that mainly affects older blinds is the cord fraying or snapping. This is caused by typical wear and tear, and the only solution is to replace the blinds.

In some situations, the blinds are able to be fixed. Blinds that start to get stuck or are unable to be released are often a sign that the blind is on the way out and in need of replacing. Even if a blind can be fixed, it is often out of warranty whereas a new blind will come with a fresh 12 month warranty and will last for years to come. 

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