multi coloured vertical blinds in the colours of the rainbow

How To Choose The Best Colour Curtains For Your House

Windows are essential to the appearance of a house and they control so many elements: light, warmth, and the view you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. It would only make sense that we choose the curtains that frame them with attention and care. One of the biggest aspects to consider when choosing curtains is colour.


Selecting the right colour for your curtains is so important, as the perfect colour can transform a room, making it appear bigger, sophisticated, elegant, and warm. Whilst the wrong colour can make a room appear smaller, brash, cold, and dark.

What Is There To Consider With Your Curtains?  

As curtains are one of the most prominent features of a room, the main aspect to consider is the colour of your curtains. What is the style of the room the curtains will be decorating? Bear in mind the colour of the floors, furniture, and walls. If you have bright hues on the walls, carpet, or large pieces of furniture, paler, more subtle colours help your curtains complement your interior design. If the room is largely neutral in tone, a pop of colour on your curtains will emphasise the character of the room.


The same method applies when selecting patterned curtains. Choosing curtains with a pattern for a room that’s otherwise solid in colour will breathe a new life and personality into your room. Prints work effectively on a large-scale basis on one particular feature, such as the curtains or the sofa, so they don’t take up too much attention. Alternatively, patterns can also be used on accessories, such as pillows, rugs, and throws. At Concorde Blinds, we have curtains to suit contemporary styles such as quirky and geometric prints or, if your style is more traditional and classic, we have florals and paisley prints too.


Orange colours are recommended to install in kitchens as they can express comfort, energy, and digestion. However, it’s not recommended for bedrooms as it can be overly stimulating, even with the lights switched off. For bedroom colours, anything from reds and pinks – which articulate passion, love, and tenderness, to blues and turquoise, which communicate peace and harmony. While yellow tones promote a sense of unity, friendship, and communication which means this colour would work well in living rooms.


So How Can Concorde Blinds Help?  

No matter what colour scheme you opt for, at Concorde Blinds, we have the made-to-measure curtains perfect for your home. Whether you elect for a cosy brown shade to help you concentrate, a muted green to initiate a good night’s sleep, or a pale purple to invigorate you in the mornings, we can help make your house a home. 


Our team of interior design experts knows how to complement your existing colour scheme, maximise the amount of light, and create the perfect tone for your space. We have high-quality and on-trend fabrics in an array of colours and designs in store, where one of the team will guide you through the decision-making process to make sure you make the right choice for you.


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