White bathroom Shutters with bathrobe on bathroom wall

Bathroom Shutters | What to Consider

There is both a bit of art and science to picking the right bathroom shutters. You will want to be picking a nice attractive design that you like while considering what materials will be best in the typical bathroom, an area where you can expect a lot of moisture and condensation.

The nice thing about bathroom shutters is that you can close them for total privacy, have them open all the way if you need to welcome a flood of light in, or you can just tilt the slats open for a little peek of sunshine; they are flexible. Also, you are not limited from a size point of view. It’s easy to purchase full-height shutters which would cover the whole window as well as half-height shutters which cover the bottom part of the window only.


Why Should You Avoid Wood Shutters?

As you will likely know, blinds are available in many different materials. But when it comes to bathroom window dressings, some bathroom shutter styles are not suitable. This is due to the materials used. For example, we would not recommend wooden bathroom window shutters.

Sure, in any other room they can work perfectly, and they look great. Some people may even have a bathroom that uses the theme of wood in some form and wants to bring in wooden style shutters to add to that look. But bathroom shutters do not suit being made from wood. The reason for this? Well, a wooden blind is likely to become warped by the humidity. Essentially, they are unlikely to last very long with all that frequent water use.

Plantation Shutters

Instead, when working out your bathroom window dressings, consider plantation shutters. Not only can they look great with a multitude of attractive designs on sale, but they also are very practical and are durable, so you do have the long-lasting factor too. You should know, however, that plantation shutters can be quite expensive. Having said this, if it is an investment you can make, they should last a long time and the money should prove to be worth it in the long run. It is very important to make sure you get all of your required sizes right though before you purchase, otherwise you may be looking at an expensive loss, with shutters that don’t fit your window nicely!

Bathroom Window ShuttersWater-proof Bathroom Shutters

Another strong recommendation is waterproof shutters, which should prove even more hardwearing. You can purchase shutters that have the look of wood but are vinyl and are completely waterproof. This will take away the danger of the shutters shrinking or warping over time due to the consistent flow of water that can be expected in a bathroom.

Many design experts would recommend shutters as the choice to make when dressing your bathroom windows. They’re both practical and available in a large choice of attractive designs. If you do not like the idea of fitting the blinds, do not worry as they can be purchased and fitted by an experienced specialist. 

If you’re buying bathroom shutters make sure you do seek out high-quality ones from respected stores only. If the product is not of high quality, or it is not fitted well, the whole look of the bathroom will be shown up, and not in a positive way. If you went down the route of seeking out cheap shutters in an attempt to save money, almost certainly it will not be worth the gamble as they will soon warp and even shrink due to the humid atmosphere of the bathroom.

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