Luxaflex Duette blinds

How Duette Blinds Are Astonishingly Energy-Saving

Keeping your home cool during summer and warm during winter is important. The challenge is finding a solution that will give you significant energy savings on a monthly basis. Fortunately, there are industry-leading duette blind solutions available from Concorde Blinds today.

Why Choose Energy-Saving Blinds?

To address the energy crisis due to cooling and heating needs in households, energy-efficient window shades were invented. This latest innovation in window treatments helps people stay comfortable in their homes no matter the weather.

Window fashions with energy-saving features are increasingly becoming popular in many homes. They save up to 50% of the home’s energy bills every month. For instance, Duette Blinds use a unique technology in order to deliver ultimate insulation for homes.

Aside from saving energy, these beautiful blinds are designed to enhance the interior of any home. They’re the perfect solution for your energy-saving needs while keeping the elegance and comfort of your home at the same time.

Ways To Save Energy With Duette Blinds

The many functions and features of these blinds make them one of the most energy-efficient window treatments these days. Here’s how they work:

1. Insulation

During cold months, heat goes from inside your home to outside. On the other hand, the heat outdoors goes inside your home through the windows (and doors) during hot months.

Now, if you use specialized window treatments such as Duette Blinds, you can provide proper insulation in your home. At the same time, these blinds help you to keep your energy consumption low while creating a more comfy and cosy ambience.

2. Heat Control

Solar heat is desirable in winter as it gives warmth in our homes and doesn’t really create much carbon footprint. However, during summer, the heat from the sun can make your home overly hot. It can also increase energy costs (from air-conditioning units and electric-powered fans).

Duette Blinds are designed to control the heat that gets inside your home by blocking out sunlight. As a result, the heat stays outside, making your home cool and comfortable even during the hottest days.

3. Daylighting

Using natural light instead of artificial light is called daylighting. When you draw natural light to your home through the windows, you are able to reduce your energy consumption (and cost) because you don’t need to turn on your lamps and other lighting fixtures.

Just open your window blinds and let the sunlight into your home. If the weather is slightly cold, doing this can keep your room and deliciously cosy.

The Bottom Line

To save more energy through your windows, you can make sure they are weather-stripped. Seal off windows including the ones in the basement. Also, keep your windows locked when your cooling or heating systems are turned on.