Grey sofa in front of large windows featuring cream curtains.

Top Tips for Redecorating a Room

You likely spend a fair amount of your free time at home, so it’s important that your home décor reflects your personality and promotes feelings of relaxation and comfort. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to completely overhaul your home interiors if things start to look slightly tired and in need of a refresh. Here are our top tips for redecorating a room in your house.

Make mood boards

The issue with redecorating is that it can be hard to know where to start. Most people know what looks good, but few have the interior design knowledge to figure out what they like. Without a clear plan, you’ll struggle to pull elements together and create a cohesive design.

One way you can get around this is by creating a mood board. You can build ones online, or you can do it the traditional way with a scrapbook and some clippings. You can create a number of different boards based on various hues and themes, and you can then decide which ones you like best.

Make sure to consider all elements of the decoration process, including paint, soft furnishings, textures, prints, ornaments, furniture, and smaller accessories that make all the difference, such as light fittings and blinds.

When you do come to a decision, it’ll be easier to find cohesive pieces and create an effective design if you have a mood board to work from.


Mark out measurements

It can be difficult to envision what a room will look like or how it could be laid out when you don’t have the items to hand. The problem with buying everything first is that your new furniture or fixtures might not fit, and if they do, you might not necessarily like your original plan and end up back at square one.

Before you head out and buy everything, move your current room around to mimic the new layout. If you’re going to be buying new furniture, take the measurements down and mark it out with tape on the floor first. This will allow you to see just how big the items will be in your room and if your initial plans flow as well as you thought.

Use what you have

An efficient way to decorate your home is to use what you already have. You will not only save money, but it could speed up the process, too. Most furniture can easily be repurposed to suit a new décor theme, and if not, it’s easy to make minor changes to make it suit. This could be a fresh coat of paint, or it could be replacing doorknobs.


Redecorating a room isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be massively hard, either. Plan effectively with mood boards, map out your ideas and save what you can from your current interior design.