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  • Bay Shutters

    What Are The Benefits Of Window Shutters?

    Window shutters are a classic window treatment that has been around for centuries, and today they are just as popular for their unique combination of style and practicality. They offer a number of benefits over other types of window treatments, including increased privacy, light control, energy efficiency, and style. Regardless of whether you want cafe…

  • bedroom with light through window coming through the shutters.

    What You Need To Know About Shutters

    For many homeowners and renovators, deciding on window dressings can be a tricky task. Should you choose blinds or shutters? Both offer unique benefits and depending on what look you are trying to achieve in your home, one may be a more suitable option than the other. To help you decide, we’re taking a look…

  • Shutters & Blinds window dressing

    Key Differences Between Blinds, Curtains, and Shutters

    We are all being told about the importance of insulating our homes to keep costs down this Winter – with solutions which range from expensive fixtures to small lifestyle changes such as drawing the curtains and keeping both internal and external doors closed. But with so many different types of window dressing now available on…

  • Kitchen Shutters

    Are Shutters Suitable for Kitchens?

    Knowing what to put on your kitchen windows can be difficult depending on the layout of your room. Most kitchen windows are above sinks or in hard-to-reach areas, making the decision between curtains, blinds, or shutters difficult to make. If you’re unsure how to best dress your kitchen window, worry no more. In this blog,…

  • Shutters

    How To Choose The Best Materials For Your Shutters?

    Window shutters are an elegant and timeless addition to any home, but choosing this style is only the first stage. Shutters come in many different styles and materials, and the choice you make will have a big impact on the overall finish of the room. With so much riding on your choice, knowing which material…

  • Bay Window

    Can You Fit Shutters to Curved Bay Windows?

    Thousands of houses across the UK have curved bay windows, and a common question that is asked is whether shutters can be installed on this type of window. If you have a house that was built in the 1930s and has the hallmark curved bay windows but you’re looking to upgrade the aesthetic both inside…

  • Plantation Shutters

    What Are Plantation Shutters?

    There are many types of bespoke shutters available, but few people know about plantation shutters. This ingenious type of blind offers a myriad of advantages, ranging from a beautiful design to heat retention and enhanced air ventilation. Keep reading to learn more about bespoke plantation shutters and whether they’re suitable for you. Everything You Need…

  • White window shutters on three windows in a living room with cream chairs.

    The History of Window Shutters

    Today, window shutters come as a design feature on all kinds of different houses across the globe. However, they weren’t always just there just to add a little extra to the extra aesthetic appeal. The First Window Shutters The first ever window shutters were built on the insides of houses, when the masonry was so…

  • colour samples for interior design

    2021 Home Interior Trends

    With Covid restrictions potentially being lifted in the coming months, many of us have turned to sprucing up our home’s interior, ready for when we can welcome family and friends inside once more. Window décor is often overlooked when it comes to interior design, but these spaces can drastically transform the inside and outside of…

  • bay window with open curtains

    How to Dress Bay Windows

    When you look at your home, your neighbour’s house, or almost anybody’s property from the outside, the eye is automatically drawn to the front, or more specifically, the ground floor front window. It’s the window to the world, inside and out. That’s why it’s essential to have a stylish front window installed in your home.

  • White Blinds

    Blinds vs Shutters

    Blinds, shutters, curtains… There are so many ways to dress your windows… which is the best? It is a difficult job to know which window covering you should choose and what will be best suited to your home. If the main decision for you is between shutter or blinds, we can help you! The team…

  • Full height shutters

    Why you should be opting for metal Venetian blinds over wood

    Whilst the classic wooden Venetian blinds might be beautiful and elegant there is an ever-growing list of reasons why metal might be taking over the Venetian stage.